Coventry MotoFest 2015

Coventry MotoFest is a free event designed to celebrate both the heritage, the current endeavours and an amazing and exciting future for personal transport.

The 2015 festival will run over the weekend of 29th, 30th and 31st May 2015, so go and pop that date in your diaries.

MotoFest Multigrade beer label

Byatt's Beer

Visitors to Coventry’s Motofest 2015 will have the chance to refuel on some high grade lubrication after organisers agreed a tie-in with a local microbrewery.

A range of vehicles in front of Coventry University

Why Coventry?

No other city in the United Kingdom has a heritage of transport innovation and development to match Coventry.

From the invention and manufacture of the first modern bicycle by James Starley, through motorcycles churned out by around 150 companies, to the current day when we are training students in design, business and manufacturing at two of the country’s finest Universities, the City of Coventry has always been proactive when it comes to the transport industry.

What's new?

We aim to make Coventry MotoFest 2015 slightly bigger and quite a lot better. Keep in touch with us to find out more by signing up for our mailing list or via our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts, and also by checking out our news page which will be updated whenever we have something interesting to tell you about. We’d love to welcome you along.

Last year's event

Last year Coventry MotoFest 2014 attracted thousands of visitors to Coventry city centre. We had cars, tractors, bikes, racing, live music, and much more besides.

Have a look at our video for a flavour of what Coventry MotoFest is about and just imagine how great this year's event will be in May.

Coventry MotoFest 2015 T-Shirt dusk colour

T-Shirts now on sale

Drifting car

Falken Drift Team